Hello there! I’m Julia.

Julia on stage at VeeamOn 2023

I’m a globetrotting technologist at Veeam who’s wildly passionate about Cloud Native technologies and DevOps. Hailing from Brazil with a dash of French roots and currently calling NYC home, I’ve made it my mission to make Cloud and DevOps not just understood, but truly accessible to everyone.

Community Champion

Beyond code, I believe in the power of community. Serving as an AWS Community Builder, CNCF Ambassador, Women Techmakers Ambassador, and a Girl Code Ambassador, I aim to build bridges, not walls, in the tech world. You’ll also find me orchestrating the NY Code & Coffee Meetup, where we make space for open dialogues and fun learning experiences. For me, it’s all about harnessing tech to foster collaboration, inclusivity, and growth in our communities.

Tech & Culture Intersection

I’ve been lucky to travel the world and learn from a rich tapestry of cultures. I carry these experiences into my work, understanding how technology can weave together cultures and build bridges of understanding.

Pivot and Adapt

My professional journey has been an adventure in itself - from law to marketing, and now, technology. I’m a self-made software engineer, bringing together my resilience, adaptability, and a knack for self-learning to make my mark in the tech world.