My VeeamON 2023 Experience

Reflections on My First VeeamON

Attending my first VeeamON was an exhilarating experience that exceeded all my expectations. The event provided a fantastic opportunity to meet people in person, many of whom I had previously interacted with online. It was a whirlwind of amazing conversations, insightful sessions, and memorable moments that left me feeling inspired and motivated. I also can’t believe I spoke in front of 1500 people! The cherry on the cake was being interviewed and featured in a Brazilian online forum. The headline is “Veeam evangelist, Brazilian Julia Morgado inspires women who want to change careers” I loved the article and recommend you to read it (just translate it on google - right click with your mouse and click translate to English).


Connecting with Cloud Enthusiasts:

One of the most exciting aspects of VeeamON was the chance to engage with fellow cloud enthusiasts. The event facilitated meaningful conversations that delved into various cloud-related topics. As someone who frequently shares content about the cloud, it was heartening to see the genuine interest and curiosity from attendees. There was one track just for cloud sessions and the ones I attended were pretty full. Numerous individuals approached me to discuss their cloud journey and seek advice on navigating the complexities of cloud adoption. It was evident that many organizations are actively considering or already are in the process of migrating their workloads to the cloud.

Sharing Knowledge and Insights:

I had the privilege of delivering three talks at VeeamON, all related to the cloud. The first talk, “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Cloud Communities,” was a panel discussion alongside Kelsey Teske (Cloud Product Marketing at Veeam) and Jon Myer (cloud expert and a fellow AWS Community Builder). We explored the power of cloud communities and how they contribute to knowledge sharing, collaboration, and professional growth. The session sparked engaging conversations and provided attendees with practical insights for leveraging cloud communities to their advantage.

The second session, “A Quick Start Guide to AWS, Azure & Google Cloud Backup,” was a collaborative effort with my wonderful manager, Rick Vanover. We discussed the importance of seamless data protection in the cloud and highlighted Veeam’s robust backup solutions tailored for AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. It was heartening to witness the enthusiastic response, with a high number of registrations and attendees eager to learn more about cloud backup options. Many individuals were pleasantly surprised to discover the breadth and depth of Veeam’s cloud backup capabilities.

Finally I delivered a 2 (yes, you read T-W-O) minute demo at the general session, in the main stage, in front of everyone (1500 people)! I had prepared ahead and practices several times my demo but when I got up there my mind went blank. I just went with my instincts and said what I knew. People came to congratulate me so I guess I didn’t do bad job after all.

Veeam’s Commitment to Educate and Empower Women:

What struck me during VeeamON was the company’s unwavering commitment to educate and empower women in their journey. The CTO, Danny Allan announced a new initiative to empower and enhance female talent. This initiative offers 150 women the opportunity to receive free VMCE (Veeam Certified Engineer) training and certification, demonstrating Veeam’s commitment to bridge the gender gap and foster a more diverse and inclusive industry. If you’re a women I encourage your to participate.


My first VeeamON experience was unforgettable, filled with remarkable interactions, enlightening discussions, and an overarching sense of community. Engaging with fellow cloud enthusiasts and sharing knowledge about cloud backup solutions was immensely rewarding.

Disclaimer: This blog post reflects my personal experience and opinions at VeeamON and does not represent official statements from Veeam.

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