#100Devs Software Engineering Bootcamp

Check out my Youtube videos about 100Devs: How to join 100Devs and What is 100Devs

On January 11th, 2022 I started a free 30-week Software Engineering Bootcamp called #100devs, taught by Leon Noel. My goal in taking this course is to educate myself in all matters of coding and to successfully switch my career to that of a software developer by the end of the year.

I actually discovered this Bootcamp on Reddit just two days before the course start date (was it destiny?). Since joining the discord group, and signing up for Twitter I have been welcomed into the tech community with open arms. I am so lucky to have a tremendous amount of support from others.

This Bootcamp is nothing like you’ve ever imagined. Leon’s energy is out of this world and he transmits such high vibes. Every Tuesday and Thursday he teaches live for 3h straight on twitch, and on Sundays, he answers questions during office hours.

If you’re not part of the #tech twitter world you may not have heard of Leon Noel. He is Managing Director of Engineering @ Resilient Coders and distinguished Faculty @ General Assembly. His passion is training those who are underrepresented in tech to prepare them for high-growth careers as software engineers.

What have we learned so far?

  • HTML

    • Non-semantic elements (<h1>, <p>, lists, links, <img> vs. <picture>)
    • Semantic elements (<header>, <section>, <nav>)
    • Forms ( types, validation attributes, vs.