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Kubernetes Knowledge Hub: The Ultimate Master List to Learn Kubernetes


Kubernetes is considered the leading platform for managing containers worldwide. Its unique feature is its ability to handle workloads effortlessly, whether they are in the cloud or on your own servers. This versatility means you aren’t tied down to a specific cloud provider, and it reduces the need for a dedicated team to manage your on-site server workloads. In today’s DevOps landscape, Kubernetes skills are in high demand. This article offers a curated collection of resources organized by topic to assist you in learning Kubernetes or improving your K8s proficiency.

Documentation and Official Resources

  • Kubernetes.io: The official Kubernetes website provides comprehensive documentation, tutorials, and guides for learning Kubernetes. It covers all aspects of Kubernetes, from installation to advanced topics like networking and security.

  • Kubernetes GitHub Repository: The Kubernetes GitHub repository is a valuable resource for accessing the source code, documentation, and community-contributed examples. It is a great place to explore the inner workings of Kubernetes and contribute to the project.

  • Kubernetes Slack Channel: Join the Kubernetes Slack community to connect with fellow learners, ask questions, and participate in discussions. The community is very active and provides a supportive environment for learning and collaboration.

  • Kubernetes YouTube Channel: The official Kubernetes YouTube channel hosts a variety of video tutorials, presentations, and demos from contributors and experts. It is a great resource for visual learners who prefer video-based content.

Online Courses and Tutorials

  • Kubernetes Documentation: The official Kubernetes documentation is a comprehensive resource for learning Kubernetes from scratch. It provides detailed explanations of concepts, architecture, and step-by-step guides on how to deploy and manage applications using Kubernetes.

  • Kubernetes Fundamentals on Udemy: This popular course on Udemy by KodeKloud teaches the basics of Kubernetes, including installation, architecture, and deployment of applications. It also covers advanced topics like scaling, networking, and security.

  • Kubernetes: The Hard Way: This tutorial by Kelsey Hightower is a hands-on guide that teaches you how to set up Kubernetes from scratch. It provides a deep understanding of Kubernetes internals and is recommended for those who want to gain a thorough knowledge of the platform.

  • Kubernetes for Absolute Beginners on YouTube: This video course by TechWorld with Nana provides a beginner-friendly introduction to Kubernetes. It covers the basics of containers, Kubernetes architecture, and deploying applications.

  • Dive Into Kubernetes: James Spurin offers a comprehensive course that covers the fundamentals of Kubernetes, including deployment, scaling, and networking. It also provides hands-on exercises to reinforce your understanding.

  • Kubernetes Bootcamp by Katacoda: Interactive online courses providing hands-on experience deploying Docker and Kubernetes clusters in the cloud. They have tracks for beginners and advanced users.

  • Kubernetes Tutorial by DigitalOcean: Step-by-step tutorial for deploying a Kubernetes cluster on DigitalOcean and deploying example apps. Great for those getting started with Kubernetes.

  • TestDriven.io: In-depth tutorials and instructions for deploying real apps and services to Kubernetes from beginner to advanced level. Various tracks to choose from.


Community Forums, Blogs, Study Groups

  • Kubernetes Reddit: The Kubernetes subreddit is an active community where you can find discussions, tips, and resources related to Kubernetes. It is a great place to ask questions, share experiences, and stay updated on the latest news.

  • Kubernetes Blog: The official Kubernetes blog features articles, tutorials, and case studies from contributors and experts. It covers a wide range of topics and provides valuable insights into using Kubernetes in real-world scenarios.

  • Medium: Medium hosts a plethora of blog posts and articles on Kubernetes, written by experts in the field. You can find tutorials, best practices, and insights into Kubernetes ecosystem components.

  • KCNA Study Groups

  • Kubernetes Meetup Groups: Search for local Kubernetes meetup groups on Meetup.com to connect with the community, ask questions, and learn through presentations and projects.

Youtube Channels

People to follow

Certifications/Study Groups


  • Rookie Kubernetes Podcast: Educational podcast covering topics from basic concepts to advanced Kubernetes techniques through tutorials and interviews.

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