6 Steps to Land a Remote Job & List of Remote-First Companies

So, you’re on the hunt for a remote job? You should already have an updated resume, professional LinkedIn profile and polished portfolio (should I make a post/video about these 3?). If you don’t have these, stop reading this post RIGHT NOW and go work on them. Otherwise, keep reading to find your next dream company.

Before you start applying

Before you start clicking apply left and right, remember what I always say “Network your way in”. Clicking on the apply button won’t even reach the HR’s computer. You’re competing against thousands of candidates, so if you get referred by someone that already works at that company, your chances will improve by 80%!

You may ask me, “But I can’t ask a stranger to refer me to their company; they don’t even know me!”. Yes, I know. That’s why you should be networking way before you start applying for jobs. But in any case, if you haven’t and you’re looking for jobs now, this is what I would do.

  1. Check out the list of companies below, their website, product, and culture.
  2. If you like any of them, see if they are hiring for any type of dev job (you can also look them up on LinkedIn).
  3. Found a job where you have around 60% of the skills listed? Look up the employees that work at that company.
  4. Do you know any of them? Do you have friends in common or something in common with any of them (from the same city/country, went to the same school, have same hobby etc)?
  5. Message them.

WAIT, STOP. Don’t just say “Hi, I’m looking for a job. Can you refer me to your company?”



That’s not how you do it. First, you have to build a relationship with the person, so they feel comfortable in referring you. The best way to do it is to ask for a coffee chat. When I first started learning to code, I did over 100 coffee chats, probably 2 or 3 a week. I met so many people online from several different areas/industries. I have a log of all my coffee chats on a Notion page so I can remember who is who and what we talked about.

You can message them on Twitter, LinkedIn or by email (I personally prefer Twitter) and say:


From there, we would schedule the chat, and after it, I would follow up or keep in touch with the person.

Now going back to the job application.

  1. Supposedly you know a few people in the industry by now, so now you could reach out again and ask for another chat, or ask for a referral right away. It depends on how bold you are but know that maybe people will say no, and it’s ok! Don’t feel bad about the NO’s you get in life. They will only help you grow and become stronger.

  2. Keep doing that until you start getting interviews and land that sweet dream job!

Remote-First Companies

This is by no means an exhaustive list of remote companies out there, but I picked a few companies that I personally like — either because I use their tools or because I really enjoy their vision! The list is ordered alphabetically (thanks adhd😅).

And if your company is remote first and not on this list, feel free to message me so I can add it :)

  • Aha!: Product development software
  • Automattic: Publishing and commerce company
  • Axelerant: Digital changemakers
  • Buffer: Social media scheduler
  • Cockroach Labs: Open source SQL database
  • Datadog: Monitoring and analytics tool
  • Deel: International compliance, payroll, and HR
  • Doist: Productivity and collaboration apps
  • Figma: Design tool
  • FlexJobs: Job site
  • Front: Customer communication hub
  • GitLab: Open source end-to-end software development platform
  • GitPod: Automated dev environments
  • Ghost: App for media creators
  • Gruntwork: Infrastructure as a Code
  • Hopin: Virtual, hybrid, and in-person event experiences
  • InVision: Collaborative online whiteboard
  • Isovalent: eBPF-based networking, security, and observability
  • Kona: Wellbeing Officer
  • Livestorm: Video engagement software
  • Netlify: Software development tool
  • Notion: Productivity tool
  • Oasis: Photorealistic AI avatars
  • Parabol: Agile tool
  • Qatalog: Work hub
  • Recharge: Ecommerce
  • Remote: Payroll, benefits, taxes, and compliance software
  • Rockcontent: Marketing products and services
  • Rocket.chat: Communication platform
  • Rubrik: Backup, recovery, and archive platform
  • Sketch: Design tool
  • Skillshare: Online learning community
  • Slack: Communication platform
  • Superside: Design platform
  • Sysdig: Cloud and containers security
  • Toggl: Time tracking software
  • Trainual: Digital processes, policies, and procedures
  • Toptal: Freelance network
  • Uscreen: Video membership
  • Veeam: Data backup
  • Workato: Integration and workflow automation
  • Zapier: Work automation
  • Zyte: Data extraction service
  • 15five: Holistic performance and engagement solutions

Good luck with your job search! I’m rooting for you!!

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